Domestic Maids Episode 1

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World class TV Series like no other, This movie will keep you at edge of your seat until you are done, 5 Maids, 5 Personalities, 5 Couples...

Welcome to scam nation where women makes the rule and men obeys..
Unable to cope with the sudden decline in prostitution business; a group of young beautiful ladies living together in a brothel suddenly decided to quit their dirty business and try out something new and better in order to make their living. Now they have to work as housemaids to people.Their targets are the very rich homes. Interestingly, there is another dangerous mission which all these ladies have set aside to accomplish, aside just earning a living. Find out.

Starring Nollywood stars Nzube Onyia, Lorreta Lawrence , Amarachi igidimbah, Sharron Amara ,Atole Ofure Ruth. Oney Micheal .

Directed By John Jerry Kuyembeh , Produced By Ogbodo Ifeanyi Alex

Company Name Kleanson Concept  2016