Their first hit song, Yori Yori, was a national anthem, since then, the duo of Vast and Smash popularly known as Bracket, have been enjoying fame and fortune but not without one controversy or the other that is associated with being a celebrity. Since they haven't been linked with any lady in their career, those who claim to know have alleged that the artistes are actually in love with each other and don’t have time for any woman. When the question was recently thrown at the talented music acts, the singers denied the rumour, describing it as laughable. According to them, “We did not want to talk about it in public before but I guess we have to. We saw the story and it was a very laughable one. We did not believe it was that serious until one of our uncles called from Enugu. He was even laughing when he asked us. At the end of the day, there are certain things you do not say in public but people should wait till they see us get married. We would not begin to say that we have girlfriends in certain places or who they are. But to clear the air, we are not homosexuals. People that know us know that we are not gays.” To keep the records straight and away from the suggestive gay sex life, Smash said he was putting certain things in place before he is ready for a relationship while Vast, said that he is in a relationship with an Ethiopian lady. “I am a proper Igbo man and there are certain things that my people expect from me before I can get married and once those things are cleared, I would look for someone to marry, Smash said. Vast;“I have somebody and when I am ready, people would go with me to Ethiopia to get married.” your social media marketing partner