Choc City CEO, Jude Abaga better known as MI, is indeed an intelligent singer who knows how to combine good lyrical rhymes to make good music. Very picky about the kind of music he chunks out for his fans, the singer is in no rush to settle down just to avoid unhealthy rivalry in his life. The singer speaking about his love life stated that it will be a serious risk for him to say he wants to get married now because of the side chicks around him. He stressed that for him to make such a decision it means he has to call and inform them about his decision so that they could reason with him before he walks down the aisle. KEHINDE OSHADIPE PLANS BIG FOR LUPUS DISEASE AWARENESS ON OCTOBER 3 Clearing the air with tribune newspaper, the rapper said, “Let’s say I have a girlfriend. And I say I am getting married now. The ripple effect is crazy because for me to make that statement I would have to inform all potential side chicks that I am about to get married.” He said this needed to be done so that a lady will not come out to disgrace him publicly that they were together some days back and now he is married which can really affect ones image and brand if not well handled. “The reason I said side chick, without meaning to be rude, is that you would be surprised someone from nowhere might decide to post a silly comment on social media about how you have been with them a week ago. Also, I may have to call the girl’s father and mother to tell them that I will be making a press statement about marrying their daughter. “The implications are far reaching. Because of all of these things I believe that if you want to have a real family life you definitely have to protect it, no matter how much the media want to know you have to protect it,” he said. your social media marketing partner