Nollywood actor, Desmond Elliot, is putting all seriousness in keeping fit and maintaining good shape after he had lamented about his weight a month ago. The actor, who has been exercising at his leisure time, has called on fans and friends to be careful of what they eat and drink as a lot of the things being consumed has lots of side effect at the long run. Desmond who had also seek the advice of a medical expert, stated that some of the rampant sicknesses today could be attributed to what people consume while growing couple with the fact that there is no rest for the body. In his words, “One other thing I've learnt is to be health conscious, what we eat, drink is more important now than ever, it affects us eventually. Some of the illnesses today are as a result of the extreme hard work and meals we had while growing, never too late to make a turn around. Take some time to rest, smile, Exercise and Love.” your social media marketing partner