HKN Gang artiste, B-Red, has spoken on his much talked about the song, ‘Cucumber’, he did with US-based Senegalese singer, Akon. B-Red, narrating how it all happened, said he actually wrote the song himself and recorded, but thing changed when himself and Davido stopped by Akon's studio in America. He said after the international music star listened to the song, he kept replaying it. “While at the studio, after Davido played his songs for him, I also played ‘Cucumber' for Akon to listen to and the way he reacted, he was like ‘please play that song again’. "Even Davido and his manager were surprised about what was going on! Then he made me play it for him like four times. He fell in love with the jam and said I should leave it with him and the next day, I collected it,” he told The Nation in an interview. B-Red, who many would have thought paid a huge amount of money to have Akon on the track, stated that it was done free of charge by Akon. “Normally, you have to pay for something like this, but it is the Grace of God, I got it for free. Akon is a legend so I am happy and thankful to God,” he said. your social media marketing partner