Nollywood actor, Junior Pope Odonwodo has advocated for celebration of entertainers in Nigeria, who have passed on. Over the years, many stars in the entertainment industry in Nigeria; both old and young, have died and their deaths have remained painful to their several fans. But the pathetic part is that nothing in particular is on ground to remember the departed ones and one person that is not happy about this is Junior Pope. The actor urged his friends, colleagues and fans to do something to remember late entertainers. He said, “Can we please have a moment of silence to all who passed on no longer living; our Nollywood brothers and sisters? Through us, they live on. As day comes and night falls for the rest of our lives, we will miss you all. “And even though life must go on, we still mourn while wishing you were all at home. Ifeanyi Udoku, thanks for the love, advice and all. I now live my dreams and I am sure you will be happy for me wherever you are. Continue to rest, the godfather.” your social media marketing partner