The Nigerian entertainment industry has become a haven where fraudsters impersonate celebrities to request for money from their numerous fans. Several stars have been victims of such people and Iyabo Ojo is not left out. The business owner advised her fans not to fall victims of impostors, who use Facebook to solicit money from them. She claimed that someone even hacked her account on Facebook and is using it to carry out dubious acts. Iyabo Ojo said she can never ask for money from her fans on social media. She listed about 17 different fake accounts opened in her name. "Hello my dear fans and friends, lately have been getting a lot of text messages, calls and pings about people claiming to be me on Facebook, using my name and pictures to extort money and credit card from people, it's really very fun. "Please note it is very, very impossible for me or any successful artist to beg for money or credit card. Now once you get such messages please note that such Facebook account is fake!" she said. She further said, "Recently, some idiot hacked into my Facebook account and was demanding for credit card, please note, I, Iyabo Ojo will never; (1) Send my acct number to you. (2) Ask you for money. (3) Send you my home address.( 4) Ask you for credit card. (5) Send you my personal phone number. (6) Reply naughty messages.” The actress pointed out that, "My original account page has been full for the past 8 years. I can't add new friends unless I delete some old friends. Please if you are on this fake Iyabo Ojo account, please delete yourself and block the user." your social media marketing partner