has reliably gathered that there is an ongoing fuss in the location of one of Kingsley Okereke's movie, which is being presently shot at UNILAG. The fight which almost shut down the set was as a result the director's order that all actors and crew members should stop speaking Igbo language. After he informed them of his ban, obviously it didn't go down well with some of the Igbo speaking actors on set. Those who feel angered and offended by the sudden decision of the popular movie director argued with him and a verbal fight ensued. "The director had a shouting match with Chigozie Atunaya, the actor that produced the international award winning Igbo film, Chetanna. It was a serious fight as they argued and was at the verge of exchanging blows when the producer of the movie, Kingsely Okereke, walked in and intervened. READ ALSO: Borno State Governor Vows To Grant Amnesty To Boko Haram Terrorists Responsible For The Deaths Of Nigerians It was the producer's words that calmed the situation, as he openly condemned the director for imposing such order on people, infringing their rights to freedom of speech. It was actually Chigozie's voice and open condemnation that made other cast crew stood to fight for the rights," the source present at the location hinted However, the issue has been resolved amicably and the director warned to reverse his orders and let actors feel free to speak any language they deem fit. Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner