Three years ago, Nigerian female comedian, Oluwadamilola Adekoya, popularly known as Princess, married Adesola Jeremiah, but the union came to an unexpected end. It was a very rough moment for Princess as the whole situation had a hard effect on her; she couldn’t handle the trauma which later landed her in a hospital in Nigeria and abroad. However, like the famous saying, time heal wounds, she might not have totally gotten over her estranged husband because love does not go away just like that, it takes times and sometimes it never disappears, but she is much better emotionally now. In a brief chat with Naij, she disclosed that being a comedian helped her back on her feet; comedy helped her overlook all the mockery and criticism she received during those difficult moments. According to her, “three years ago when I have a broken marriage, I was psychologically down, but it was the same thing that brought me down that became my strength; that is one of the psychological powers of comedy –it heals. People around me also helped in recovering from the most challenging period of my life.” However, the comedienne might not know that she has indirectly revealed the cause of her crashed marriage, when she stated that what gave her strength was the same thing that brought her down, Comedy. Remember, when her marriage crashed, lot of speculations came up as reasons behind the crash of the marriage, one of them that seems to correspond with what she has confirmed is the rumored inability of curtailing her celebrity status in the marriage. your social media marketing partner