You can call them the perfect couple. They work, eat, drink and live happily together. And their lives revolve around each other. Indeed, Patrick Doyle, renowned T.V producer and his presenter wife, Ireti, have found soul mates in each other. They live a life full of fun and happiness. And Laughter dwells with them too. “I think we are just lucky to have found each other. We have no strategies or secrets in making the marriage work. But God has just been merciful to us,” says Patrick as he glows at his wife. She smiles in response. “Look, we don’t subscribe to vanities of life,” enthuses Ireti. “We live a modest life and God has blessed us in return. So, this Val we are just going to makes sure we enjoy it together.” Truly, God has blessed the couple. With six wonderful kids, choice cars, luxury of dreams in addition to a successful career, they couldn’t have asked for more. “What else do we want in life as a couple?” the man asks rhetorically. “We have good jobs, children and we are happy together. So, it is not by my power or prowess as the husband of the house that has made things work. But, I believe providence is what has kept us together till this moment. “I also think I am a lucky man though it is natural for our marriage to work because we have learnt to live with each other. We have no problems, no sad moments or whatever that could devastate us. We just determined to make this work.” Little wonder the Doyle’s love still rates high like newly wedded couple’s. As the interview went on, you come to realize that they look so charming and cute sitting beside each other. It is even safe to say they are still on honeymoon, sorry, post-honeymoon. In fact, they are still madly in love. You wonder as you pose a question to the couple as to how they were able to weather together the storms of life that, oftentimes, tug at marriages. They smile, and then look into each other’s face, before answering your question. “It is providence,” says Patrick. “I mean, she is my wife and I am the husband. And since we are happy together, we should also take the opposite anytime it comes. Although, we don’t regret anything in life, we believe everything works together for good.” “Of course there is no reason to regret,” Ireti chips in. “We’ve had good moments that cannot be compared, perhaps, with anyone else’s. Is it the gift from God or from my husband I would begin to count? Is it the knowledge of love that my husband gave me I would quantify? God’s greatness in our lives has just been too enormous to start counting. But I think my husband is a wonderful person. “He is an accomplished man in his field of work and he is also my boss. As a matter of fact, he has imbibed in me everything he knows in that field. And now, I am a seasoned broadcaster and actress through his influence and support. The greatest gift from him is the knowledge of his love.” Patrick’s support notwithstanding, Ireti maintains, has kept the family going. “With my husband’s support and God’s grace, the family has been able to survive. As a career wife, I leave home by 5.30 am and come back in the evening. So, it means there is someone who comes in during the day to make sure the little kids are ready for school. I also have a house keeper, personal assistant and a small production team that is reliable. So, if I have a need to be away, I can run my business conveniently. Fortunately for me, everything I do is under the same umbrella,” she explains. Unlike most celebrity couples who would rather find joy in going to places in leisure time, the Doyles perfect evening is staying together in the house to ponder on issues concerning the family. “We don’t do all those things your so called celebrities do,” quips Patrick. “We don’t disturb or deceive ourselves. We prefer to stay at home and relax. More so, the word ‘celebrity’ does not exist in our house. I am Mr. Patrick Doyle and my wife here is Mrs, Ireti Doyle. We are real people. So, the celebrity whatever starts and ends in the newspaper. It doesn’t work for us here.” “Although, we have done those things in the past,” says Ireti, adjusting her sitting position. “Nowadays, we don’t believe in going to all those places anymore. I mean, we are too busy for that now. We spend most of the days of the week working in the public. So, we cherish our break a lot, especially our Sundays.” Today, Patrick and Ireti Doyle are role models for the young ones in the movie industry. And with their marriage spanning over a decade and still growing strong, they hope to inspire a budding generation of youths with their works. “Everyone wants to leave a legacy before he dies. So, we wish to leave a good legacy too,” Patrick avows. your social media marketing partner