Ebonyi State born actress, ChaCha Eke, happily married and a proud mother of a cute baby girl. She hit Nollywood in 2009, and has starred in movies like Bank Job, Queen’s Desire, Cleopatra, Kings Secret, Mirror of Life, Fulton Mansion, Models, Dance for D Prince and Clap of Thunder. In a recent interview with The Sun Newspapers, when asked if men are still chasing her now that she's married and a mother. She said, "I have people that love and appreciate me and I call them my lovers. They make my day on a daily basis. When I run into them on locations or on social media they make my day. Seeing a 60 year-old man or woman in a remote village excited to behold my face in flesh and blood is mind blowing. When little kids returning from school see me and they start screaming my name in excitement is overwhelming. When I’m at the airports and fans reach out to me for hugs, pictures or request that I speak to their friends or family to prove that they were with me is humbling. Some have blessed me with gifts; it’s all so overwhelming and humbling."
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