Nigeria is blessed with not just natural resources but with abundance of talents cut across all sectors as everyone try to carve a niche for themselves. But looking at the entertainment industry especially comedy, there seems to be a serious struggle on how to stay on top as the competition gets stiffer as the day goes by. Popular Abuja based comedian, Mc Bob, has cried out over the poor patronage they get from the citizens of the state who seems not to be lovers of entertainment. He said: “Entertainment is more recognized in Lagos than in Abuja and artistes in the FCT are not recognized because the Abuja dwellers don’t even love entertainment. Abuja is a very busy place, but we are fighting very hard to hit the market; presently, we are making waves.” MC Bob further noted that while cracking jokes, students find it difficult to laugh and they as comedians will have to go extra miles to bring out that happiness in them which is not easy. “In Abuja, comedians force residents to laugh and you know that it is not easy to make someone laugh. If you can succeed in Abuja as a comedian, you must succeed in Lagos because Abuja residents even find it difficult to laugh when we entertain them. So you need to force laughter into them,” he said. your social media marketing partner