Domestic Maids Episode 5

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This fifth season of Domestic House Maids is a suspense drama interspersed with dark humor that takes you into the unfathomable depths of complexity and poses questions about the nature of the modern African women.

It provides us a rich insight about a woman's strong will and her strength of character in pursuing a target in their marriages. Meanwhile the ladies who are to become housemaids are all getting set with an unflinching zeal to venture into the homes of the unsuspecting families and fulfill their various horrible missions.They have so far proved to be unstoppable.

Nollywood movies starring: Nzube Onyia, Amarachi Igidimbah, Lorretta Lawrence, Atole Ofure Ruth, Sharon Amara, Onny Michael and D'Justin Chidi,

Producer: Ogbodo Alex Ifeanyi
Director:John Jerry Kuyembeh
Company: Kleanson Media.
Year: 2016