A new dramatic scene has been added to the blockbusting 'Nollywood movie' being played by controversial characters; Dino Melaye, a former Kogi State lawmaker and Bisi Ibidapo Obe, a top Yoruba actress. For some weeks now, they have kept the press and the public busy with their 'yet to be released film' with claims and counter-claims over Bisi's pregnancy. While Bisi has reportedly claimed that Dino Melaye of Ette-gate saga at the House of Representatives is responsible for her pregnancy, the lanky father of three has denied having anything to do with the pregnancy. The recent character added to the 'movie' after Dino's wife was brought in the 'flick' yesterday, is Dino's brother-in-law, who is a lawyer. Moses Yomi Fabiyi claimed he is the brother of Dino's legal wife who bore him three children, Tokunbo. Moses threw his weight behind Bisi and claimed that Dino is just an unrepentant liar. He said that Bisi wouldn't have lied about Dino putting her in the family way. "I know Dino to be an unrepentant liar. I believe he got that lady (Bisi) pregnant. Why not be a good man and own up, then apologise to his wife (Tokunbo)? He should try something else. Everyone, including his family, are aware [that] he got her (Bisi) pregnant," Moses posted on his twitter handle yesterday. Giving a background on how he is to Dino, Moses tweeted, "I am Barr. Moses Yomi Fabiyi from Ekinrin Adde in Ijumu LGA in Kogi State. Dino happened to represent my constituency at the National Assembly (NASS). "I make bold to say [that] there is no physical contribution from Dino's term as our representative. Please ask Mr 'Upright what happened to constituency allocations? Little wonder the PDP refused to give him ticket to re-run which made him [to] decamp to ACN and lost woefully on that platform. "Seeing how things turned for him, he suddenly became an activist. The luck Dino has is that he married one of the calmest Fabiyi girls. Else, it would've been a different gist totally. "Nigga just suddenly hijacked the Occupy Nigeria protest just to gain cheap popularity. [I] am glad people are beginning to know the real monster" Meanwhile, Tokunbo, Dino's wife, has made a u-turn in supporting her husband. Recall that yesterday, we reported that she publicly attacked her hubby by condemning his act. Soon after our report, she took to twitter to make her change of mind known and tweeted, "I am solidly behind my hubby. No shaking and please! Enough with all the rumor mongering! As my Mum; Deaconess Fabiyi will say, 'Tokunbo, be a fool for Jesus [Christ]'. I love you mum, I miss you. Come back soon." Bisi has reportedly challenged Dino to be ready for a DNA test for the baby after birth. For lovers of this 'interesting movie', no one knows who else would be added into the film, just as the producers of the popular season film, '24', did. How will this movie end? Fingers are crossed as they watch with keen interest other unfolding scenes from this 'flick'.
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