Taiye and Kehinde Osuolale are identical twins popularly known as Ibeji Oran in the Yoruba movie genre. These names were given to them on account of their roles in an epic movie entitled,Ide,produced by late Yekini Ajileye in 1993.Since then,the diminutive actors have not looked back. The duo who are happily married have also featured in movies like 'Koto Aiye', 'Seranko Seniyan' among others. Their horrible look and stigmatization has never been a hindrance to their progress in the industry.The Osogbo born entertainers still believe there is ability in deformity. In a recent interview,they spoke on issues revolving around their lives and career. God created us. He created every one of us in unique ways. We have stopped feeling bad.We don’t allow what people say to bother us.We know we are unique beings.That is the reason we are using our life history to produce a movie. The title is Osuolale,the movie is named after our father.It’s about our life,how we were born and how we developed to what we are today.I think people will stop stigmatizing us by the time they watch the movie.We were not born like this.We want people to watch out for the movie.It will come out very soon. A lot of people are not willing to help us.If they are willing,we would have been bigger than what we are today.Look at Aki and Pawpaw,if people didn’t help them,they wouldn’t be as big as they are today. Another pain is the fact that we are not financially strong.We love to move,we need more money to help ourselves and our family but quite unfortunate,there is no assistance from those we thought could assist us. Our most embarrassing moment is when we were about to get married.People didn’t believe we would find a wife. They didn’t believe we will even give birth to normal children.But we give thank to God for shutting their mouth with our testimonies. Although Taiye wife is no longer with him.She left after their marriage.But he’s blessed with a baby girl.Her name is Blessing. Asked why did she leave,what happened?.Taiye said I don’t know.She only told us she wanted to go and see her family.Her family also contributed to it.We paid her bride price and did every other thing but her family didn’t send her back when she went to them. We’ve never for once regretted the way God created us,there is no cause for regret.Many are better than us and are not alive today.We thank God,at least we are still alive.
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