What is it that most men want? Opeyemi Olusanya, a graduate of Computer Science from the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State, now an actress, a script writer, producer and a business woman, reveals to TAYO GESINDE, the secret of men’s desire, her acting career and how she has been coping with advances from her male fans. Excerpts: WHAT I have been doing lately I have been trying to build my business. I have also been acting too. I shot a movie in December. But I needed to build my boutique to a stage where I don’t have to be there for it to run smoothly. And it is already taking that shape. So, I am stepping back into movies. A job of mine was just released into the market recently titled ‘Ifekufe’. My achievements so far First of all, I have achieved a happy life because I enjoy what I am doing and that makes me happy. I am more exposed to the world. I learnt so many new tricks to business development and I have met quite a number of great people. I also got good business proposals, did some good jobs /contracts and I had been to many great places and learnt more about other people and their culture. All these were made possible by acting. I have not won any award yet but I had been nominated. Stepping up my game I never really left the industry. Even while I was busy with other stuffs, I still had movies I had featured in flooding the market so the audience still knew me. Whenever they saw me, they would ask me ‘what movie should we be expecting from you’ while others would say “how come we hardly see you in the movies these days.” But I would respond that I was working hard to give them the best in order not to let them down. I was part of about six productions which will be out soon and I believe that will surely help step up my game and re-launch me into the industry because they are all great jobs with clean picture, splendid story line and they were well interpreted. The movies also featured great actors. Coping with competition I have never seen anyone or any job as competition. I do my thing and allow others to do theirs. I believe so much in my God, myself and my job. To me, being in the movie industry is not a thing of competition. It is a hobby. It is something I enjoy and a career also. Most embarrassing thing a fan did to me I wouldn’t wait to be embarrassed. I always put up a smile even before we started talking but there was this movie; Pakute Enu which was on air recently where I played the role of a pompous, arrogant, boastful wife who destroyed her family. Whenever some fans saw me they would say “why did you do that to your family? and we would end up laughing about it. Coping with advances from male fans I simply don’t get too familiar with them. Yes, we can be friends especially on social media but I became good friends with some of them once they understood my kind of person because I am a shy and private person. That is the more reason you hardly see me at social events. I can proudly say that I have the kind of body most men want to have but I play along with so much maturity and we ended up becoming friends. Most of them are like big brothers to me. Description of self Blunt, intelligent, shy, easy going, fun loving, honest, very stubborn and can also get crazy at times. In simple English, I am just me. Philosophy of life Live life like there is no tomorrow. Enjoy life and turn deaf ears to negativity. My ideal man He must be hard working, blunt and one who respects and cares for a woman like his mini- god. Definition of style Style, to me, simply means looking great, presentable and gorgeous. If you know me well, you will notice that I don’t go after what is in vogue. I love to buy and wear whatever I feel comfortable in and what looks pretty on me. I create my own style. Cost of looking good It depends on your taste and pocket. For me, I don’t really mind the cost when buying my fashion ensemble rather I buy whatever I like, once it makes me look good and I can afford it. Beauty regimen Nothing much. My daily beauty routine is just for me to wake up, bring out something to wear for the day, get in the shower and get my face cleaned up with a facial cleanser. Once I am out of the shower, I rub a nice moisturising body lotion on my body, that is when the weather is not hot because if it is a sunny day, I ddon’t rub lotion on my body that day! Then I can either decide to apply make- up or not. I love to go natural except I have an event or a special outing.
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