Discussing s9x with children in this part of the world is what is still seen as a taboo, but there is awareness that this should not be so. For Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, she sees nothing wrong in parents letting their children know about changes in the body system. Iyabo hinted that when she noticed her daughter had started her menstrual cycle, she began to give her s9x education. “When my daughter started her period, I began to teach her about s9x education. I felt it was the right time. I let her know that as she has started her period, she is a lady now and if she has s9x, she would get pregnant. I told her what it meant in detail. “You would be surprised how exposed these kids are now. They are more exposed than we were when we were younger; all thanks to the internet. Ironically, my daughter understands what it is all about. I always advise parents to be their children’s friends," the actress said. Iyabo explained that she told her daughter that she is not “a party to ab0rtion and there is nothing like that in my dictionary. I let her know the qualities to look out for in a man. I always tell her why she must not have s9x now until she becomes an adult. “When she becomes an adult, then we would continue from there. Sometimes we sit down and talk and I ask about her boyfriend but she tells me that she has none. She would tell me that she has a male friend but not love.
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