Indecency is a behavior or act that is thought to be morally or sexually offensive. It has become a trend in some Nigerian Universities, but there seems to be partiality when it comes to male and female. When a man talks in an obscene way ,he is referred to as being sexy, when a woman talks in an obscene way, she is seen as being corrupt.A man wears knicker push bellow the waste to reveal his pants, he becomes the role model to many youngsters but when a lady wears a skirt a bit above the kneels that it slightly reveals her laps, she becomes wayward. The fight against indecency has spread through every parts today which ranges from our schools, workplaces and even religious grounds, acts of indecency are keenly observed. A recent example was the incident that happened in University of Ilorin where students were not allowed to write the Post UTME because of their indecent dressing. Also there are other University especially the private one with religious background who has taken severe actions against indecency on their students. But come to think of it, why schools are only particular about clothing when they talk about indecency. It is said to be an act that is first of all morally offensive before it is sexually offensive. Is it not morally offensive that students spend more than their academic year because of lack of transparency in the Universities? Is it not morally offensive that female students are regular victims of sexual harassment on campuses even when they are not in provocative clothing? Is it not morally offensive that university lecturers charge their students heavily before they release exam results? If Institutions will solve the problem of indecency then they should tackle it in all entirety. your social media marketing partner