As a means of keeping to his promise which he made earlier in July if he could hit I million followers on his social media page, Davido, has actually rewarded a fan who truly deserves his money. The singer helped invested his money on a good course when he gave out N1 million to one Olajide Daniel Sanya, who was in dire need of money to return back to the university where he had dropped out due to lack of finance. Two weeks ago Olajide opened a GoFundMe page to help in raising his school fees. His goal is to raise £24,700 for his tuition so that he could apply for a student visa. Before Davido appeared in the picture, Olajide had only raised a little more than £3,900. Olajide who is a student at Liverpool University, London, is hoping that before the resumption date which is September, 28th, 2015, he should be able to realize a reasonable amount of money that can get him back to school. your social media marketing partner