After been accused of forcefully having his way with an 18-year old student seeking for admission in Unilag, Dr. Baruwa a lecturer in the highly reputable institution gave his version of the encounter, claiming the girl made the first move which he couldn't resist. According to him, he indeed had a sexual encounter with Shola, the victim, but it was “consensual.” The lecturer, who's married with two kids, admitted that he made the mistake of not doing enough to resist the temptation of ‘sleeping’ with Shola. “I swear to God that the girl agreed to everything that happened. She was a chatty girl, who did not show any shyness. When she was in my office, she was the one telling me to be free with her. I realised that I needed to lie down a little and did not want my shirt to be rumpled. When I pulled it off, she even told me not to mind her presence that since it was my office, I could do whatever I wanted. When we first got to the office, she lay on my chest and was even playing with my manhood. That was why I could not resist it. After we came back from seeing the woman who was supposed to help with her admission, she was about to go when I told her to give me a hug. It was that which now led to the actual sexual encounter. When I realised that I could not resist her, I had to tell her to let me put on a condom. The truth is that, while I was putting on a condom, she stood by and waited. I did not actually penetrate. When she was saying ‘it’s enough, it’s enough’ and complaining that her tummy had started hurting her, I stopped,” he narrated. Meanwhile, Dr. Baruwa, has been arrested by the police and the case is being investigated at the Isokoko Police Division, Agege, Lagos. The case has also been reported at the Office of the Public Defender under the Lagos State Ministry of Justice. The Director of the OPD, Mrs. Omotola Rotimi, said the case would be followed to its logical conclusion. your social media marketing partner