Omoni Oboli, Nollywood diva and mother of three awesome boys also has some piece of advise for Nigerians as they cast their votes today. The delectable actress cum producer clearly stated that she didn't allow herself to be swayed by money offered by the campaigning politician, so her fans and other Nigerians should not fall into the trap by selling their votes out. "Out early to beat the curfew! Hope you are all voting! Your vote is your voice. It doesn't matter who you support, the most important thing is you are voting your conscience and you stay peaceful! The people who know me well know that I stand for what I believe. I have never been and I will never be swayed by money. Regardless of who emerges victorious today, we will hold our leaders accountable. I voted in the last elections but it didn't stop me from crying out whenever I thought things weren't going right. That my friends, is the beauty of democracy! There is freedom of speech and association. It saddens me to see cyber bullying to the point of almost terrorism. I know a lot of people couldn't come out to openly support for fear of being bullied or fear of loosing followers and friends and it's unfair on democracy. As a small town girl, I generally want people to like me but I maintain that I always stand for what I believe. Win or loose, I will pat my back and say I was not a coward. We are all one, Nigeria will still remain one after this elections. Now let us a child of the most high, purchased by the blood of The Lamb, I pray today the only blood that will flow on this land is the blood of Jesus! There will be no loss of lives. We come against every agent of confusion and discord and we ask Lord that you take charge of this election today and may our beloved country Nigeria be bonded together with your love. We say no to every post election violence. Above all Lord, let your will be done in Jesus name we pray..."She wrote. your social media marketing partner