Nigeria’s singer with the HKN gang, Bayo Adeleke aka B-Red who is known with flaunting wealth on social media just like his cousin, Davido, has been warned to be careful not get infected with cancer. The singer recently returned from the bank with chairman of the HKN gang, Adewale Adeleke, who happens to be the Director of Pacific Energy and brought out the bundle of money and placed it on his neck while taking a photograph. According to the fan, “Nigerian bank with dirty cash.. @bredhkn be careful to avoid skin cancer around your neck.. Am sure that cash is from GT BANK or zenith bank.” While one of the fans was advising, another who was not happy with his social media wealth display insulted his personality describing him as a fake fellow. official_makon: Dumb ass nigga...what concerns me if you left bank or not...fake asshole that loves showing off. your social media marketing partner