Nigerian singer turned communicator, Zakky Azzay during his birthday celebration some days back revealed that his happiness was not complete and wished his kids were with him to celebrate along. The singer speaking with Punch newspaper stated that the children were closer to him than their mother but was so sad that the messy scandal had to put him apart from them. Zakky and Hadiza were married for nine years before their marriage crashed in April 2012. Blessed with three kids, two girls and a boy, the estranged couple are now in court where Hadiza is asking for divorce. Her allegation is that Zakky has been battering her. According to him, “It is a known fact that my children were closer to me than they were to their mother. I have not seen two of my kids since after the scandal. It is just one of my daughters that is with me. I am not happy about this.” Speaking about his new marital home, the singer explained that he had to move on with his life so that he would not be seen as an irresponsible due to the nature of his job. “I had to move on with my life so I wouldn’t become irresponsible. I had to marry again and I am so happy with my current wife. You know the nature of our job; if I didn’t re-marry, I would have just become one useless man jumping from one woman to another. I am happy with the choice I made,” he said. your social media marketing partner