The singing quartet of Ayo Ojo Onasanya, Patricia Uwaje-King, Mike Abdul and Olugbenga Ademola Oyebola came together as far back as 12 years ago to form the successful gospel group now known as the Midnight Crew. The group won the admiration of many fans around the world with the smash hit single, 'Igwe', which got them many awards. Recently, members of the group shared their highlights when they revealed that their music has helped stopped a suicide attempt and overcoming depression. "Every album that we release has a purpose. We want to reach souls. Whatever tongue God wants used, let him use. I have a testimony of nothing can stop me which was in our first album. We were in Lokoja and a woman came to us that she had been barren for years. And she kept listening to the song and she said the child is the fruit. "In the beginning of our lives when Midnight Crew started 12 years ago back in YABATECH, there was a young guy in school who felt like life was over for him. He planned to kill himself the day we were having a concert. We invited lots of people. “While he was about committing suicide in his room, a friend knocked and asked if he would join him for the concert. When he came for the concert, he saw lots of people praising God. "He wondered why these people were joyous irrespective of their issues. That was what changed his mind from committing suicide. He later told us that what he saw at the concert gave him hope. "One other lady testified that there’s a song of ours that brought her mother out of the depression she had been suffering from," a member of the group said. Patricia Uwaje-King, fondly called Pat explained how the group was formed with the initial number at 11 but different situations made them the 'Fantastic Four', "We didn’t choose to come together. Destiny found us." your social media marketing partner