In Nigeria, it is sometimes believed that things can be easily achieved with the introduction of attracting and curvy ladies, which is commonly referred to as ‘bottom power’. But popular Nollywood actor, Joseph Benjamin has come out to warn ladies against depending on such to get things done. Joseph expressed sadness over a recent quote that the reasons why most ladies are relaxed is because they have not gone beyond their mindset of using their beauty to get things rather than use dignity to earn respect. The actor who posted a quote, “Being a woman isn’t all about the curves or a pretty face, you should also have a functional brain, an enduring spirit and a praying tongue,” sounded a note of warning that for a lady to be able to make a difference and earn a well deserved respect, she needs to believe in herself. According to Joseph, “The reasons why many women are objectified is because they have not gone beyond the mindset of I can use my beauty to get anything I want.” your social media marketing partner