His real name is Muyiwa Olofinkuade which might not readily ring any bells but he is fondly known as Jazzman Olofin and you would remember the song titled 'Raise Your Roof' that rocked the Nigerian music waves in 2008. He has said his piece concerning the coming elections in February in a post he shared recently that the politicians continue to divert public funds for personal use as they enrich their pockets. The singer as also joined the club of entertainers who have been canvassing for a credible election with the hope that a well deserved leader will be chosen rather than recycled leaders who according to him choose to migrate from one party to another without the masses at heart. "Survival is like "ride or die". But ain't it sweet when Almighty Jah makes us ride and smile"? Dem politicians looting daily, but in GOD we trust,their fake system shall rust... Naija peeps shall remain fresh 4ever! Peace!"
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