In the music industry, collaborations have brought together artistes of different styles to produce a different kind of music version that many listeners have found either better or worse off than the original version. Oritsefemi and Dbanj came together to produce the remix version of his hit song 'Double Wahala' and the video was also shot in Los Angeles. Recently, Oritsefemi spoke about his relationship with Dbanj aka 'Banga Lee' as one of a dream that is real since he (Oritsefemi) had being hoping would come to pass. “Honestly, it was another dream that came true because D’banj is one of the leading enterprising artistes in Nigeria, who has a multinational endorsement." Speaking further in the interview, the Ajegunle-bred singer revealed that the industry is full of haters to would do anything to destroy anyone's career. "Right now some people have developed hatred for him.... I don’t know them, but I am aware that some set of people have formed a fan page disparaging D’banj. It is a hatred fan page which I don’t think is ideal. But I salute the matured mind of D’banj for demonstrating his responsibility and maturity on the development. I love his spirit, to the extent tha he never reacted to any of the issues, but has remained focused." Rumours have had it that there could be a band to be formed from the pair as from their collaborative efforts and Oritsefemi replied, “No. We are of matured minds. My association with D’banj is to create good music and give our fans what they really want. We have to boost the confidence and also let our fans know what we have brought to the industry. At present, we have a lot of things coming up; we just did a collaboration of the remix of my music, “Double Wahala”. The video was shot in Los Angeles. The association is currently yielding results and it is encouraging. He is also coming up with a new video which everyone in the fold will be featured. So, we are really working hard to establish these projects.” He also revealed that he has been blessed enough to move from hustling on the street to making a living from his talent, singing. "Just as myself, I struggled so hard alongside with my manager on the street. In fact, every member of my management is from the street and my joy now is that God has elevated us from the grass to grace. The fame has come and there are endorsements knocking on our doors often, even outside the country.” your social media marketing partner