Son of ace Fuji musician, Obesere, Lekan Akande, has expressed his intention to return to Nigeria to establish his entertainment outfit as one of the best in the country. Some days ago, he announced the floating of his record label in Nigeria. Already, Lekan has signed some artistes on to the music label. The musician’s son is also an artiste and is based in Dublin with his mother. In an interview with Punch, the young singer explained why he is not going the genre of music of his father. Lekan said he decided to do something different because he wanted to think out of the box. He stated that he did not want to repeat the same thing his father did. According to him, “I did not want to be involved with Fuji music because my great-grand father was a Fuji musician same as my father. Two of my father’s younger brothers are also Fuji musicians. I did not toe that path because I wanted to be different and I always think outside the box. “I do not want to repeat the things that my father has done, I want to do things my own way. I think it makes a lot of sense to do things my way with the knowledge I have.” Speaking on the possibility of signing his father to his record label, Lekan stressed that such cannot happen because his father his too big for him to handle. “No, I am not going to sign my father on my record label. He is doing his thing and so am I. He is too big for me to sign on to my record label,” he pointed out. your social media marketing partner