The talented duo of Taiye and Kehinde Oyelhunnu aka Xchange Twins, may not be a household name at the moment, but they have the strong conviction that in no time, they would become that and take charge of the entertainment industry in Nigeria. To them, nothing comes easy and they believe they will get there just like those who are presently making waves in the industry at the moment. It is known that most of the A-listers in the industry today went through tough times before gaining fame and to them, they are not struggling but also facing the challenges others faced before becoming masters of the game. Speaking with in an interview, the Xchange Twins said they are faced with “challenges like finance.” According to the duo, “Music is very expensive; money to fund their music career to shoot classic and international music videos. Also the money to produce a standard music.” They further said, "We are not ready for marriage now," but are married to their music career. your social media marketing partner