I am not going to mention names here, but it may be clear to you, who I am referring to. They show their n**ity to the world because of fame but sometimes it is not actually their intention, when a close source to this particular lady I am going to talk about told me how she was born again before now, I envied that aspect of her, but what made her back slide is getting me confused. The very reliable source told me that, before now, Maheeda was a child of God and was into full time gospel activities. Oh my God! Did I say Maheeda, oh I never wanted to mention name, but guess I have done that already. Maheeda preached the gospel from town to town, she wore Mary Amaka clothes up and down the streets, you cannot see Maheeda without bible, she is always with it. if she enters an Eatry she will walk up to you that might probably be sitting down and enjoying yourself, then she will just start preaching to you without caring whether you are interested or not. Maheeda quotes bible like crazy. She was so devoted to Christ, and then everybody started avoiding her because her Godliness was getting too much for them to cope with. You see, sometimes society can cause doom for our achievements in life. Maheeda was married to her white husband by then, even her husband was not too happy, she wasn't looking as sexy as he wanted her to be. Maheeda’s husband is very rich and he gives her whatever money can buy, but he wasn't still very much happy with her holy holy attitude. Then she decided to start dressing sexy, and then gradually my dear Maheeda lost her focus in God and moved to the sinful life. Maheeda isn't that bad as you may think. Society made her what she is today because the holy way she wanted to live, was not accepted by people. Sometimes when people do some things and we term it as waywardness, to me, it is more like life teachings, we have the power to change ourselves and we have the right to make choices, but, at the same time what the society does to your thinking kills 88percent of your dreams. I love Maheeda and I will always love her because deep inside her heart, I know she never wanted to be like this and she will realize in time.
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