In a twist to the story we published two weeks ago on singer Tito Da.Fire, there seems to be more controversies springing up as a New Jersey woman who claims to be the singer’s former fiancee has risen in his defense. “I can swear he never promised any Nigerian actress marriage, that Nollywood actress is a big liar!” According to Natasha Freeman, after almost a year after dating, myself and ”Jeddy” (a pet name she gave Tito Da.Fire), proposed to her and gladly accepted the proposal, after which she made a trip to Africa in 2008, precisely July and spent three weeks in Nigeria to seal their marriage plans, and spent another one week in Ghana where her mother resides. She went further to explain that during her stay in Nigeria, she met his family and they loved her. His mother and sisters were still in Nigeria. She revealed how they flew to Abuja and Ghana on sight-seeing, and returned to Lagos to get married so “Jeddy”(Tito Da.Fire) could join her in the states because she couldn’t relocate to Africa due to her schooling in New Jersey. In her words :”we initially argued about relocating, because he never liked the idea of leaving all he was into in Nigeria to come start all over here”. She said when she read the Nollywood actress story, she couldn’t hold back because if there was one thing she knew about him, he would never promise anyone anything, not even me! He will say he will try, you know, like it’s some taboo to promise and fail. He even cried on the phone the night he proposed to me, saying I will be the last woman he will propose to after too many heartbreaks”. “Things didn’t work out between us, and we stopped communicating later 2008, but I wish him well, because I can see he’s happy”. No official statement has been released by Tito Da.Fire. When his management was contacted, a lady who simply identified herself as ‘Yemi’ said she was not in position to comment”. © 2013 Click the link below to go to... Untold Stories Of How Taiwo Jamani Was Killed Over A Married Woman Two Women Clash At Taiwo Jamani's Grave side. Alleged Fraud: Sanyeri Accused Of Duping Guests EX-HUSBAND​, KEHINDE OLOYEDE, MOCKS FUNKE AKINDELE AT JUNIOR WIFE'S BIRTHDAY Governor Oshiomole Apologises Over “Go and Die” Comment To a Widow! Says I Made It In Anger Video: “Go And Die” – Governor Oshiomhole Tells A Poor Widow TB Joshua's Followers, Catholics Will All Go To Hell--Chris Okotie your social media marketing partner