As the Nigerian nation sends Christy Esssien-Igbokwe to eternal home, one cannot help but call to mind the words of James Iroha, the originator of the now rested sitcom “New Masquerade” who also rose to fame playing the hilarious role of Gringory –a funny house help from the Cross River / Akwa Ibom axis in Nigeria. “I had just closed from work at the Nigerian Television Authority Aba, and I was driving home; while in traffic I saw this young lady arguing with an orange seller; the lady had in real life every single treat I have been looking for in the new character that will join the cast of “new masquerade”. I did not wait for a second prompting before I got her onboard “the new masquerade” crew.” The forgone are words of James Iroha on how he discovered the lady of songs. The simple narrative above captures the entry of one of Nigeria’s finest entertainer into the world of music and movies. If anyone other than divine providence deserves the accolade for the discovery of the phenomenon Christy Igbokwe, it is Ben Iroha. If you think that is the pinnacle of his creativity then you are dead wrong, because he is the sole originator of Nigeria’s earliest and timeless sit-com “New Masquerade” for years he toiled and gave his best ensuring every Nigerian returned home to quality entertainment on television after the day’s hard labor. your social media marketing partner