The only constant and dynamic thing in life is change, and is not so surprising to see the change transcending in every facets of our lives. In time past local market is the only place where one could get to shop with a lot of inconvenience especially if queues are joined before purchases are made, or lack of packing space. But now, with number of malls opened across the country i.e (The Palms,CityMall,SilverbirdGalleria,E-Centre,Mega Plaza) etc ,has all made shopping to be considered a recreational activity. Every mall has its attractions, the complex is not only well constructed and planned; but also gives its shoppers a relaxed environment to shop compare to the local market. Though there are enormous advantages to shop in mall but the disadvantage is that prices of goods are standardized and the distant nature of the attendants may deter many shoppers from enquiring for discounts, if they are available. Though malls could be said to cater for only middle and upper class, denying majority of people access to such organized shopping experience and these justify why it impossible to totally eliminate the hustle and bustle of the local market setting in Nigeria. Nevertheless, the success of malls in Nigeria is an evidence that there is a pressing need for many more of such facilities because it has helps ensures a clean, safe and quality shopping experience. your social media marketing partner