In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful; When it is said to them: "Make not mischief on the earth," they say: "Why, we only Want to make peace!" 2: 11 The Prophet said: Allah will not punish any nation except by imposing on them oppressive rulers and fools When fools rule us; they will abandon the laws of Allah and adopt own “ liberal” laws; When fools rule us they will give us wages of one hour for twenty four hours’ work; When fools rule us; they will cause division among tribes and religions in order to polarize, divide and rule so as to entrench authority over helpless society; When fools rule us they will rely on oil and oil alone as the only foreign income earner for a nation of quadruple unlimited resources; When fools rule us, they will siphon our resources to foreign lands and yet live at home as if paper money in a foreign bank is enough satisfaction even when they would not spend two percent of the money before they die; When fools rule us, they will rule for forty two years, thirty, and yet be ready to sacrifice innocent lives in order to stay longer in power; When fools rule us, son and father will call press conferences as if they own Libya and the rights of Muslims; When fools rule us, a “No fly zone” would be imposed on Ghadafi after having enabled him complete the rout of freedom fighters! Mr. Hussein Obama speaks too much English as if rhetoric equals leadership quality and achievement. When fools rule mankind, a life in Libya lost would be more worthier than five thousands in Ivory coast; cocoa and oil ‘are not in the same category’ of economic importance you should know! When fools rule us, Israel would commit acts against humanity and got no reprimand where the likes of Hitler and Saddam got hanged for; When fools rule us, political sheikhs would impoverish societies that should have equal rights to leadership and wealth; When fools rule us, blood money would be accepted in lieu of innocent blood spilled by an American diplomat in Pakistan; when same crime (supposedly committed by a Pakistani in the US) would be punished with imprisonment or of electric execution in America! When fool rule us, the most dangerous means of energy (nuclear energy) resource would be the best alternative to petro-energy; When fools rule us, wealth and technology would be worshipped instead of Allah the Giver of wealth and satisfaction; When fools rule us, individuals has the right to abuse nature as man and man could ‘f’each other through anus meant for excreta! When fools rule us, we fight recession by injecting trillions instead of tackling the source of recession: excessive taxation of the poor and rising businesses, economic injustice of the rich against the poor, of nations against nations, of rulers against the ruled, of the privileged against the underprivileged and above all of distance from the Almighty Creator worthy of worship. When fools rule us, women would have no right to education but used as baby makers and male satisfaction objects as if Islam does not encourage education of all sexes; When fools rule us, the Image of God, Muhammad could be ridiculed by a cartoonist (in the name of press freedom) when at the same time, a Wiki-leak founder Julian Assange has no right to air his information! When fools rule us, they would not be able to discern between the acts of Allah and the acts of man: The fools ‘cups have been filled to the brim and the rest of mankind are groaning through their follies as being depicted through current socio-political unrest, natural disasters and economic downturns. A friend of mine once dismissed any divine interpretation by suggesting that lows and ups are the characteristics of a dynamic world order: mankind shall live through these and many more,’ the world would not end’ even with counter foolhardy acts! As Muslims and non-Muslims, you have your opinion but watch out, what is taken for granted may one day overwhelm mankind in the mud of no salvage: the world is drawing to its close: consider the Quran and good acts irrespective of the circumstances of our societies brought about by wise or foolish leadership; mankind shall not be judged by their leadership but as individual souls. When it is said to them: "Believe as the others believe:" They say: "Shall we believe as the fools believe?" Nay, of a surety they are the fools, but they do not know. 2: 13 your social media marketing partner