Nollywood actress, Model, producer and entrepreneur, Uru Eke, is sad as she has just been making several investments on fixing her car due to some driver’s ignorance on the road. According to the actress, within the space of two weeks, she has had her car fixed and sprayed due to the fact that she keeps getting bashed while parked on her lane. She recently explained that while on her way from work, she had decided to park to make a call as she was heading for a meeting, while on a narrow road and before she knew it, the car behind her brushed her car while trying to avoid a trailer. Uru said on trying to challenge the driver, she got to see that he was on phone while driving which caused the mini accident. In her words, “So I was almost done for the day and had one last meeting before heading home. Parked to make a phone to make sure I was at the right location. I saw a trailer approaching and a car behind me that I thought had stopped to let the trailer go past because the road couldn't fit them both. The trailer driver was actually quite reasonable because he could see the street was narrow. “Next thing I hear is the car behind me bash into me and scratch me as he pulled away. Oh I can't tell you the feeling in my stomach. I got down and followed dude by foot. Thought he wasn't gonna stop lol! Then I realise he was on his phone when he made the stupid decision to try and struggle the road with the trailer and subsequently bash me. This is the second time in two weeks. I'll be parked and from nowhere someone knocks into me. My car has different shades of green now because I keep having the damages sprayed over.” your social media marketing partner