Most successful people in the world today agree with the popular saying that ‘no gain without pain’ and Queen Nwokoye is not left out. When the roll call of successful movie stars in Nigeria is made, one name that will never be missing is Queen Nwokoye, who many agree diligently paid her dues. She did not just rise to fame, but with hard work and dedication to her job. Unlike other actresses who sleep their way or ride on controversies to success, Queen has managed to live a scandal-free life as an actress. But if you think she has no regrets at all, then you are wrong because according to her, one thing saddens. Hear what she told Guardian newspaper, “Well, you know everything that has an advantage and also its disadvantages. For me, I think the major pain is seeing a lot of false information about me; false stories, people impersonating me on social media, sending out false information and using it to defraud my fans. “It is so painful. But I know the pains come with being involved in a glamorous industry such as the entertainment industry.” your social media marketing partner