Nigerian singer, Lynxxx and Syndik8 Records artiste, in a recent chat, revealed that taking off his beard will not augur well with him. According to the singer, taking such step might amount to ladies shunning him because of the possible outcome of the decision to shave the beard. Lynxxx explained that he decided to keep beard when he was constantly bumps after shaving off his beard. He said asides that, his jaw most times turns dark after each shave, which was why he decided to grow beards in the first place. "Constantly shaving meant I'd get darker and more bumps so I just decided to leave my beards to grow. So it wasn't really intentional or a fashion movement. But now I can't shave my beards anymore else all I'll lose all my gyal dem," he submitted. After 10 years behind the scene in the showbiz industry, Lynxxx exploded onto the scene in December 2009 with the release of his first official single, ‘Change your Parade’, produced by Syndik8 in-house producer and partner ’IKON’. your social media marketing partner